Sugar Land Mortgage Home Loan




Why choose Wright Mortgage for your client’s mortgage needs?
Wright Mortgage have access to multiple mortgage programs and we can close on time. We receive wholesale rates from the lenders, so our interest rates are always superior than the retail interest rates from the big banks. We support first-time Homebuyer with a variety of resources, as we provide them with one-on-one service, the ability to walk in the office and talk to somebody in person not a online person that is located in New York. The difference between Wright Mortgage and a big bank is we are more experienced and educated. As a mortgage broker, we take continue educational mortgage classes every year and have over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry to help your client to find the best mortgage program, the best interest rates, help with closing cost and closing the mortgage loan on time.

We will not charge your client a broker fee or a loan origination fee to their closing cost to the mortgage loan. Also, we provide lender credit to help pay for some of the closing cost for your clients. It does not matter if it’s a Conventional or Government Loans(FHA, VA,USDA) we will always have the best interest rates in the country. ….guaranteed. With over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry we usually can close loans while other loan officers say no. I have access to multiple underwriter across the country who I speak to on a daily basis concerning loan scenarios

Key Features About Our Company

• Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA and Jumbo Programs
• 580 Minimum FICO for Government Loans
• Non occupant co-borrower allowed
• Borrowers with One Score OK
• W-2’s only program (no tax returns needed for wage earners)
• The HomeReady program (3% down on Conventional Loans)
• FHA Manual Underwriting
• TBD Approvals (Lender Approval without the Contract)
• 1 year tax returns allowed on self-employed borrower

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